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Want to join a team of leading Certified Accountants who share their passion and expertise with other accounting professionals?

Apply to become an instructor and teach a CPE Flow masterclass!

As a CPE Flow instructor, you can:
 - Collaborate with our award-winning writers to create your one-of-a-kind CPE masterclass.
 - An opportunity to build authority and influence in the industry.
 - Create your masterclass on nights and weekends.
 - Record your entire masterclass from the comfort of your own home with the remote help of our cinematographer and film crew, or travel to an exotic destination to film with our team in person. 
 - Earn consistent passive income. 
 - And much more!

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If you're interested in becoming a CPE Flow instructor, please apply on this form. You'll be asked to include links of sample teaching videos. After you submit the form, we will reach out to you if there's a good fit.

Please note that we can't respond to every application, but we do keep all submissions for future consideration.