Finance and Accounting Pros: Monetize Your Knowledge with CPE Flow

Feb 12 / Nathan Liao, CMA
Today, I'm thrilled to announce an opportunity that's not just about teaching – it’s about making an impact, earning passive income, and elevating your professional stature.

At CPE Flow, we are on the lookout for seasoned experts ready to share their knowledge and expertise in our cutting-edge, NASBA-approved, online accounting CPE learning platform.

What does this entail? Let’s get into the details.

What is CPE Flow?

CPE Flow is a platform that delivers world-class, entertaining education (edutainment!) to certified accounting and finance professionals, including CPAs, CMAs, and more. 

Our mission is to support certified management accountants (CMAs) and certified public accountants (CPAs) with their professional development by providing a fun, enriching, and engaging learning experience for continuing professional education hours.

CPE Flow Benefits

Every CPE Flow class is taught by expert instructors in convenient formats, including on desktop computers and mobile devices. 

The flexible, self-paced course structure allows students to learn about relevant topics anytime, anywhere – from the couch to the office to a coffee shop! 

There are no strict deadlines to stress about, and our course catalog of masterclasses is curated to help students advance their careers.

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Requirements to Become a CPE Flow Instructor

We are currently looking for experts in the following areas:

• Microsoft Power BI
• Data Analytics
• Microsoft Excel
• Generative AI Tools
• Large Language Model Tools
• Python Programming
• Executive Communication & Presentation

Think you would be a good fit for CPE Flow? We’re looking for the following qualities in our instructors:

• Passionate professionals with deep expertise in any of the above areas
• Individuals with a flair for teaching and a desire to share knowledge
• Experts who can craft engaging, practical, and insightful content

Why Should I Become a CPE Flow Instructor?

If you’re looking for an outlet to disperse the knowledge you’ve gained throughout your accounting career, CPE Flow might be the place for you.

In return for your time and expertise, you’ll be able to:

• Generate passive income
• Boost your authority through teaching
• Help professionals upskill
• Travel to our exotic film studio location

Our seasoned team will work hand-in-hand with you to develop and polish your NASBA-compliant CPE masterclass, ensuring a smooth and rewarding teaching experience.

As a CPE Flow instructor, you can:

• Collaborate with our writers to create a one-of-kind masterclass specific to you and your expertise
• Build influence and authority as a leader in the finance and accounting industry
• Create your masterclass in your spare time
• Choose between recording your masterclass at home with help from our film crew or travel to an exotic location to film with our crew in person
• Earn consistent, passive income
• And plenty more!

Accounting CPE Instructors – Apply Now

Imagine the satisfaction when your course becomes the catalyst for someone's career growth.

This is your chance to leave a mark in the finance and accounting world.

Interested? Let's connect!

Drop a comment below with any questions, or fill out the application form

Thank you for reading,

Nathan Liao, CMA
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Nathan Liao, a Certified Management Accountant, educator, and influential business figure in the accounting industry, has dedicated over a decade to supporting more than 82,000 accounting and finance professionals in their pursuit of the CMA certification. As the visionary founder of CMA Exam Academy and CPE Flow, Nathan is committed to delivering premier online training solutions for the next generation of accounting and finance professionals. 

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